Big Final Sale in GabRielle

18. 6. 2017 Blogs von GabRielle

A soutache is very special and unique technique.

It was really a long path for me, until I learned of how to use the soutache rutinely.
Nowadays, it takes no longer than a week.
However, to sort out what kind of stones will match and where can I find the silver and/or stainless steel components so everybody can wear it, might still take awhile.
It was dozen of hours spent by try and error to find a right procedure
until final perfection of the product and showing it to the world. Thus, each piece contains a little bit of me and my world.

It has been really long time since I had a chance to create something new for you due to other professions.
And because of that, despite of my vigorous effort and the quality of the current handcraft,
I have decided to offer a BIG FINAL SALE for all of my beauties.

After 3 years I have spent with creating my own jewellery, it is time to find new muse and move forward.
It wasn't the easiest decision, unfortunately days are still 24 hours long and as we know 24 hours is never enough :D right?

Thank you all for your support, kind words and happy messages after receiving one of my jewelleries :)
It always means a lot for me.

With Love



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