Zik Zak

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Zik Zak
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Cover your crystal eyes and let your colours bleed and blend with mine.

It is felt in the air! Love, joy, happiness, something new and fresh, new begginings, new opportunities and experiences. The spring is coming!
That's what I was thinking last week when we were facing -15°C and were feeling last mother winter's manners. Well...I really was. And although we still need to wait for the offical spring day to come, let's be prepared and let's welcome it with joy, smile and for example with these colourful Zik Zak earrings!

Ohrringe aus kristallinem Harz.


Farbe: Lila, Farbig, Dunkelviolett, Violett, Fuchsia, Orange, Gelb
Material: Harz
Technik: Mischen/Formen
Masse/Grösse: 1,2cm


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